Fete Report: Fog video increases demand for Soaka tickets

Friday, January 24, 2014

It was approximately four years ago when WOW Events co-founder, Adrian Scoon, realised that there was an available space newly opened up within the Carnival season. He excitedly ran to meet with his friends and business partners Stuart Gillette and WOW event co-founders, Joe Tannous and Ershad Mustapha, ready to create an event that would fill that void. Over a generous helping of KFC, the two friends brainstormed and Soaka was born.

“As soon as we came up with the name, we knew immediately that it would be something amazing,” Scoon said.  Now in its fourth year the event has grown in size and popularity to an extent that has almost become ridiculous.  How ridiculous you may ask? Just browse a few pages on Facebook and you will see hilarious posts auctioning off houses in Valsayn, slightly used vehicles, land and other miscellaneous fare, all for the price of ONE Soaka ticket! Or maybe they are dead serious.  One individual is petitioning for a Playstation 4 for his ticket.  

When asked if he envisioned this type of growth and fervor surrounding the event, Scoon matter-of-factly replied, “Yes, we always did. It has been the best party in Carnival for the past three years.”  There is no doubt however, that last years’ installment had an enormous effect on its current popularity. For those of you that do not by now, last year’s Soaka was the setting for Machel Montano’s prolific Fog video.  The video was an instant hit and sent the event into the stratosphere.  

Even Scoon admits that even though they were always confident in what the event was, they did not expect the surge that the collaboration with Machel generated for this year.  As evidence of this, during my talk with Scoon, his phone rings constantly, and the only response he has to these many calls is the same: “Sorry, we’re completely sold out.” As he further explains, the attendance of Soaka is a fantastic mix of people representing a united country celebrating an amazing festival together.  It is for this reason that Scoon expressed great regret at not being able to accommodate the extra demand for tickets.

Soaka this year promises to be no different from previous editions, with all the elements that party goers have become accustomed to from this event.  Water, powder, beautiful people and amazing performances from Kerwin DuBois, Bunji Garlin and, of course, Machel, are all on the cards again. 
And if anyone wants to fly me to Europe for the summer, perhaps I may be able to furnish them with a ticket for this greatly anticipated event

Queen’s Royal College goes ROYAL
To those of you know that are feters to your heart, you should be familiar with one of the major school all-inclusive fetes that has been a staple on the calendar for many a Carnival season.  Queen’s Royal College’s Outta De Blue all-inclusive was a permanent fixture for many, until its hiatus last year. While sitting with school principal David Simon, he explained that the reason for the break in tradition last year was due to many reasons including falling profitability, a lack of changing with the times and failing to maintain a dynamic presence amidst the growing competition.

“We decided to sit out last year because we knew we would suffer if we went into such a tight Carnival season, so it was an opportunity to re-evaluate and return stronger,” he said. 

This year there has been some considerable and significant changes, beginning with the event management team which was completely revamped and now comprises a combination of the college administration itself, the Parent Teachers Association as well as the Old Boys’ Association.  The most visible change thus far of course has to be the brand of the event which has been transformed from Outta De Blue to QRC Fete Royal. Simon explains that: “This was most necessary to drive the idea of ‘new’ and ‘change’. We had no choice but to change the name.”

So what can we expect at a “Royal” fete this year? A new fete means new elements. Big screens strategically placed within the venue, stage relocation, a makeover area dedicated to the female patrons, and an entire sober room, complete with coffee, teas, water, lounge chairs and more courtesy Arrive Alive. This is in addition to the food, which is what many look forward to at an all-inclusive fete.  This year patrons will be treated to whole roasted suckling pig, Thai and Mexican cuisine in addition to both local and authentic Indian fare. That is just a small taste of what will be provided to the fans at this revamp.  

The entertainment also boasts some new additions with this being the first time that Bunji Garlin and full Asylum Vikings band will be gracing the QRC stage.  They will be joined on the roster by the dynamic Dil-E-Nadan as well as the ever popular Kes the Band.  This is also the first time that these three bands have been together at a QRC fete. As per usual, proceeds of this event not only go to fundraising toward the school which this year includes a rebuilding of their computer lab, but also goes toward other charitable organisations such as Rainbow House and Grand Riviere Anglican School
“Queen’s Royal College has always maintained giving back to organisations that have made a difference to the college and the wider community,” Simon said.