Miss Full Figured Teen celebrates beauty

Saturday, April 21, 2012

In today’s society, a person’s weight, length of hair, physical structure, width of nose, fullness of lips and other facial characteristics determine general standards of beauty. Not everyone is genetically built to suit that standard, however, and that can sometimes cause insecurities, self-doubt and low self-esteem in people, particularly impressionable teenage girls. The Miss Full Figured Teen Pageant aims to counter those insecurities by celebrating unconventional beauty. I recently had the pleasure in interviewing the Director of Beyond Average Production/Producer of Trinidad and Tobago’s first Miss Full Figured Teen Pageant about the importance of introducing this type of pageant in Trinidad & Tobago.

Q: What is this organisation about and its purpose?
A: The Miss Full Figured Teen T&T Pageant is a product of Beyond Average Productions.
The Company is an innovative and ground-breaking one which seeks to empower the Trinbagonian woman through the celebration of unconventional beauty. At Beyond Average Production our mission is to encourage all women of Trinidad and Tobago to have high self-esteem and also lead a healthy lifestyle. Presently, we are the proud producers of two pageants, The Ms. Queen-size Trinidad and Tobago and The Miss Full- Figured Teen Trinidad and Tobago Pageants. The training process of our pageants includes many in-house workshops which educate our delegates on good healthy eating and exercise practices, makeup application, etiquette, and many other topics that we feel would improve the quality of life of our delegates.

Q: When and where would the pageant be held?

A: The Miss Full Figured Teen T&T Pageant is separated into two productions, which include the talent show and the final pageant night.

Q: Why Miss Full Figured Teen?
A: For decades, teenagers of Trinidad and Tobago have dreamt of wearing a crown and being a pageant queen. However, for many, this dream had no potential of being realised because the size of the one that reached for it was larger than the rules allowed. But now, change has occurred and new doors have opened to the full figured women of Trinidad and Tobago. We at the Miss Full Figured Teen T&T Pageant have realised the need for an outlet for full figured teen to showcase their beauty.

Q: People often have negative comments about being plus size, how to you teach the teenagers to deal with that?
A: Throughout the pageant training process, our delegates are exposed to many in-house workshops carried out by trained personnel, which especially focus on confidence and self-esteem building.

Q: What are the requirements to enter Miss Full Figured Teen?
The entry requirements of Miss Full Figured Teen include:
• Each prospective contestant must be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago
• Each prospective delegate must be between the ages of 13-18 years of age
• Each prospective delegate must be size 12 or greater.
• Prospective delegates must be single and have never been married.
• Prospective delegates must have never been pregnant or given birth.

Q: How can we get more information on the pageant?
A: For further Information about The Miss Full Figured Teen Trinidad Pageant you can email them at [email protected]

Facebook page:
missfullfiguredteen. or call 1-868-334-2471.

The Miss Full Figured Teen talent Show takes place on June 3 at La Joya Auditorium, St Joseph from 8-10pm and the final show is on July 1 at La Joya Auditorium, St Joseph from 7-10pm.