Nominations for Int’l Soca Awards

Friday, May 11, 2012

1. Best New Female Soca Artiste

Naki - Doh Bother Meh (T&T)
Keann - Teaser (Barbados)
Gabrielle - Dutty (T&T)
Shakki Starfire - We Losing It (St. Kitts)
Janna De Leon - Island Love (T&T)
Roxanne "Roxxy" Webster - Delete (Anguilla/St. Martin)
2. Best New Male Soca Artiste
Terror Kid Car – Last Days (Grenada)
Kevon Carter – Celebrate Life (T&T)
Kimba Sorazno - Rude Gyal (T&T)
K. Rich - Nothing Less (T&T)
Erphaan Alves - In Your Eyes (T&T)
Hyper Sounds - Roll Yuh Bumper (Barbados)
3. Soca Duo or Group of the Year
KO Chicks - Pump It (T&T)
JW & Blaze - We Time (T&T)
3 Canal - Sacrifice (T&T)
Luni Sparks & Electrify - Everything Gone High (Grenada)
Zuki & Tim Tim - Boots & Lock Up (T&T)
4. Soca Song Writer of the Year
Problem Child - (Stick On, Bacchanalarians, 6:30) St. Vincent
Fay Ann Lyons - (Denial, Miss Behave, All Over) T&T
Edwin Yearwood - (Back Again, Cova De Road, Good Times) Barbados
Kerwin Du Bois - (I Am Soca, Baddist, Bachannalist) T&T
Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop - (On The Avenue, Surrender, Making Up) T&T
Bunji Garlin - (Turn Up, Born Ready, So & So) T&T
5. Best Soca Collaboration of the Year
Patrice Roberts & Kerwin Du Bois - I Am Soca (T&T)
Michelle X & Kes - "Head Bad - On D Road" (T&T)
Problem Child Ft. Tallpree - Think Ah Drunk (St. Vincent & Grenada)
The iZ Feat. Machel Montano HD - Wine (Cayman Islands& T&T)
Fay-Ann Lyons & Baron - All Over (T&T)
Kerwin Dubois Feat. Bunji Garlin - Runaway (T&T)
6. International Soca DJ of the year
Tony Tempo - (Atlanta)
DJ Stephen - (Los Angeles)
Eternal Vibes - (Miami)
Soca Twins - (Germany)
DJ Spice - (New York)
D' Enforcas - (Canada)
7. Soca Artist Album/CD of the year
Bunji Garlin - iSpaniard (T&T)
Destra - 2012 (T&T)
Machel Montano - Double M (T&T)
Farmer Nappy" Henry - You Make Me/Surrender (T&T)
Kes - Wired (T&T)
8. Best Soca Compilation MP3/Album/CD of the Year
Soca Gold 2012
I Am Soca 2012
We Music Volume1
Champion Soca
I Am Santana The Movie Sound Track
We Muzik Vol 1
9. Best Soca Compilation Rhythm
Rich Boy Riddim - Platta Studios (Harder, Work, 6:30) Barbados.
Antilles Riddim - Precision Productions (In Your Eyes, Vibes Cyah Done, Bachannalist) T&T.
40 ft. Riddim – Madmen Productions (So & So, Destroy Everything, Leh We Wuk) T&T.
Maserati Riddim - Juelio/NuGeneration Studios (In Charge, We Time Rude Gyal) T&T.
Bad Dog Riddim - Penn & Ace (Miss Behave, Rumble, Mash It Up) St. Lucia.
3 Zero Riddim - Precision Productions (The People's Champion, Bottle of Rum, Gift of
Soca) T&T.
10. Best Groove Soca - Female
Destra - Keep on Wukkin (T&T)
Patrice Roberts - Men Dem Darling (T&T)
Terri Lyons - Cah Stop Moving (T&T)
Shakki Starfire - Party Plenty (St.Kitts)
Alison Hinds - Born To Wine (Barbados)
Nadia Batson - No Pressure (T&T)
11. Best Groove Soca – Male
Rupee - I Am A Bajan (Barbados)
Machel Montano - Mr. Fete (T&T)
Tian Winter - Crash (Antigua)
Benjai - The People’s Champion (T&T)
Kerwin Du Bois - Bacchanalist (T&T)
Hyper Sounds - Roll Yuh Bumper (Barbados)
12. Best up Tempo Soca - Female
Shakki Starfire - We Loosing It (St.Kitts)
Faye-Ann Lyons - Miss Behave (T&T)
Destra Garcia - Link Up (T&T)
Nadia Batson - Making Up (T&T)
Terri Lyons - Recipe (T&T)
Alison Hinds - Explode (Barbados)
13. Best up Tempo Soca - Male
Iwer George - No Pain (T&T)
Ricky T - Madd Ting (St. Lucia)
Edwin Yearwood - Cova De Road (Barbados)
Hard Knaxs - Kentucky / KFC (Antigua)
Fireman Hooper - Animal (St. Vincent)
Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag (T&T)
14. Soca Song of the Year
Edwin Yearwood - Cova De Road (Barbados)
Kerwin Du Bois - Bacchanalist (T&T)
Benjai - The People’s Champion (T&T)
Machel Montano - Mr. Fete (T&T)
Hyper Sounds - Roll Yuh Bumper (Barbados)
Patrice Roberts & Kerwin Du Bois - I Am Soca (T&T)
15. Favorite Soca Info Website
16. Over All Soca Band of the Year
Show Time - (BVI)
Machel Montano HD - (T&T)
Respeck Band - (St Maarten)
Kes The Band - (T&T)
Krosfyah - (Barbados)
Small Axe Band - (St. Kitts)
17. Soca Producer of the Year
Thygeson (Penn) Joseph & Irvin (Ace) - (Miss Behave, Rumble, Born Ready) St. Lucia
Kernal Roberts/RAMA Studios - (True Story, Pump Yuh Flag, Cah Stop Moving) T&T
Precision Productions (Mr. Fete, Bacchanalist, The People's Champion) T&T
Kerwin Du Bois - (I Am Soca, Baddist, Runaway) T&T
GBM Productions - (Action, Celebrate Life, Type Ah Wine) NY
1st Klase Production (Bucket, Stress Away, Throw Wine) T&T
18. Best Soca Music Video
Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah - Good Time (Dir. by Matthew Pilgrim Edited by Kwame McDowall) Barbados.
Skhi - Cant Stay Away (Dir. By Remy) T&T.
Kes The Band 'Stress Away (Dir. by Ryan C. Khan Produced by Simon Baptiste, Carolyn Pasea & Kes The Band) T&T.
Machel Montano - Vibes Cyah Done (Dir. by Machel Montano/Leroy "gotti" Thomas/David Cropper Produced by Precision Productions Edited by Eldon Pernel) T&T.
Farmer Nappy - You Make Me (Dir. By Peter C. Lewis, Edited by Cowin "Dori" Thorpe, Camera by Gabriel Ti. Nagee/Declan Leeloo) T&T.
The iZ ft. Machel Montano - Whine (Dir. By Sean Bodden Produced by Jusshane Productions & Jason Gilbert) Cayman Islands.
Kimba Sorzano - Over You (Dir. by Kern Rose KernRoseFilms) T&T.
Roxanne "Roxxy" Webster - Delete (Dir. by Julien Kirton and Produced by Rickiell Hodge and Rocklyn Maynard R&R Productions) Anguilla/St. Martin.
Erphaan Alves - In Your Eyes (Dir. by Jason Lett/R. Ramoutar Edited by Akino "Godrealm" Williams) T&T.
Tian Winter - Crash (Dir. & Edited by Antigua.
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